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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  July 19, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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through the gaithers berg area with some rain. annapolis, it's been raining. still in the 90s in virginia. 93 in fredericksburg and culpepper. 107 in fredericksburg, 105 in a laplata. we have showers and thunderstorms out there, take a look at the excessive heat, watches and warnings across the nation now, anything in pink, those are excessive heat wanings for us, we have an excess everybody heat watch in effect for thursday. heat index between 105 and 110 across our region. here are our storms that we're watching coming across portions of the area right now. the strongest storm in frederick county. we'll zoom in toward parts of montgomery county. you is s can see some of the heaviest rain toward annapolis as well. we'll continue to monitor those storms and the latest on the heat. how hot we're going to get coming up. this intense heat wave is impacting people in 42 states now, it's not going to -- and
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only going to intensify in the days ahead. elaine reyes is live to show us what people are doing to beat the heat out there. >> reporter: the splash pool behind me is the most popular spot in the neighborhood. plenty of people we spoke to say they have indoor plans at the end of the week. >> it's hot, it's hoot, it's hot. but i have to get some exercise in. >> reporter: la'keshia isn't letting the heat get in the way of her workout. >> i need to lose some weight and get in shape. i need to do it in a way that's fun for me. >> in arlington, visitors were taking advantage of today's weather before the mercury rises even higher at the end of the week. some relaxed under the shade,
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but theresa and her friend brought their own to enjoy the potomac. >> hot, very hot. we had our feet in the water back there. and we thought about just jumping in. >> it was nice to come in and put your feet in the potomac and hang out on the rocks and just chill out. >> adults kept a close eye on the little ones. and the tiny ones like mishu the york can i. >> we're not going to stay out very long. everyone has their water, and as soon as they feel year heated, we go take shelter somewhere. >> in prince william county, heat planning is underway for this week's 150th anniversary at the first battle of manassas bull run. some 40,000 people are expected to attend with re-enactments in full uniform. planners say they're adjusting the schedule with temperatures
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in mind. they're also shortening the duration of the events. some local municipalities are also taking measures and planning ahead of this week's triple digit temperatures. the dmv in georgetown had to close early this morning, because it had some air conditioning problems. and the dmv's inspection station in d.c. has also shortened its hours this week because of the heat. we're live in arlington, elaine reyes, news 4. >> thank you, elaine. breaking news out of southeast d.c. now. two adults and three children attending a bible camp have been rushed to the hospital. authorities say they were pic c picnicking at a public park when a huge tree branch suddenly came crack down on them. pat collins is live at garfield park with the story. >> there's the culprit over there, the razor leaf oak tree. the people's church vacation bible camp, every day they do
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something different. today it was fun in the park day until they were ambushed by that tree. garfield park. a large city green on capitol hill just north of the southeast/southwest freeway. a place to play. a place to relax. not so much today. ambulances, fire trucks, hurt kids, a shock wave of concern. >> yes, i was hurt and upset, cryi crying. who would dream a tree would fall on our children. >> it's not often you see crime scene tape where the suspect in the case is a tree. but that's what happened here today. they say the kids were marching under this tree when that limb, that very big and heavy limb without notice without warning
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came tumbling down on top of them. >> one minute everything's fine and the next a tree just comes tumbling down. >> it was the people's church summer vacation bible camp. 25 kids of all different ages. >> we do have some serious injuries. two older people, two adult males had some pretty significant injuries, we would say priority one, they were taken to local trauma centers, the three kids, several other kids were evaluated. we transported three kids, they have fairly serious injuries, nonlife threatening. >> reporter: everybody is expected to be okay. the people's church vacation bible camp, every day they do something different. today it was fun in the park, tomorrow it's roller skating day. no trees there. back to you. >> let's hope that will be a little safer for them. thank you. now to fairfax county, where part of braddock road is closed.
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police are on the scene investigating a deadly crash. it happened just before 3:00 this afternoon on braddock road. one person has died. three others are in critical condition. westbound braddock road remains shutdown. eastbound braddock road recently reopened to traffic. the crash is causing big traffic delays in the area. we have major news concerning pakistan tonight and it has ties to our area. federal agents have arrested a man from fairfax, virginia accusing him of being on the payroll of pakistan's spy agency. >> he's not accused of beating a spy. nbc news justice correspondent pete williams joins us now to explain what's going on. if not a spy, what is he accused of. >> he's accused of being an unregistered agent of the pakistani government. this comes as a big surprise to people who knew the founder of the kashmiri american council in this building you're looking at at 1111 16th street northwest.
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he's been running it for about 20 years, making political contributions, all the while the federal government maintained today after arrestingg so at the behest of the pakistani government without ever admitting the ties, the government maintains that he was taking his instructions fro pakistan's intelligence agency, the isi. since the mid '90s, the pakistanis have funneled him about $4 million. he's given about 2 million of it in political contributions, never disclosing to the recipients that the money was coming from pakistan's intelligence agency. court documents say he and another man would make the contributions along with others the united states at the behest of the pakistani government. dan burton, who's been a consistent supporter of pakistan, he told us today he had no idea that the 7500 --
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roughly $7500 he received had this pakistani background. he said if any of the money was given improperly, he'll donate an equivalent amount to the boy scouts. he appeared in court this afternoon and we haven't heard from his lawyers yet, it's a considerable surprise to people who have known him. he's been something of a fixture for the last couple decades many. >> how serious is this charge against him? what's he looking at? >> five years. he's again not charged with espionage. they say he's an unrestricted agent. that means basically an unregistered lobbyist. it's illegal to do business for another government without registering that you're a representative of that government. the statute carries a five-year penalty. new developments notice u.k. hacking scandal. rupert murdoch and james were questioned before a parliament committee. the murdochs control a vast media empire that includes fox
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news in this country as well as the newspaper accused of illegal hacking "the news of the world." the murdochs apologized for the scandal, but denied responsibility. >> i would like to say one sentence. this is the most humble day of my life. >> whoa! >> later, a spectator ambushed rupert murdoch with what appeared to be some sort of cream pie. rudolph's wife wendy leaped forward and slapped the spectator. later rebekah brooks testified. she's the former editor of "the news of the world." she denied any knowledge of illegal activity. more trouble for vincent gray. there are more questions about his election campaign last year, and whether tens of thousands of dollars in cash contributions may have violated the law. >> reporter: who gave the cash, how much was raised? how was it handled? all new questions for a campaign already under investigation.
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since last year's election, in which vince gray defeated mayor fenty, questions had been raised about gray's campaign. suleman brown alleges gray operatives have paid him cash in money orders and later gave him a city job to keep up his criticism of fenty, an allegation being probed by the u.s. attorney's office. now an investigation says gray's campaign raised at least $57,000 in cash, that exceeded legal limits of $25 contributions. the campaign hid the money by issuing money orders using different names. it's unclear why it was done. >> there are allegations of improprieties, we want to get to the bottom of that also. we want the answers and we will fully cooperate as we have thus far with any investigation. >> before commercial development groundbreaking tuesday.
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gray said he regretted new questions are being raised saying he hopes official investigations will avoid any wrongdoing. >> they're looking at campaign records. i'm assuming the story was based on our campaign records this is where the information came from. and we will continue to cooperate. >> the ongoing investigation and reports are keeping gray's administration offstride. community leader as degree, campaign and legal authorities need to clear the air as soon as possible. >> right, we're going to clear all this trouble up so we can start all over again and get the help from everybody that we need. >> i think they will, i think they'll get to the bottom of everything, and we'll put it behind us, and we're going to continue to move forward. there's so many more things to look forward to in the city. these things we're talking about today will be forgotten. >> a formal statement released today, gray said he regrets that unresolved issues about his campaign continued to surface. wendy back to you.
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>> tom sherwood, thanks. a teenaged girl claims she was sexually assaulted on metro's green line. the girl told the station manager a man attacked her on an outbound train. and a 47-year-old man from annan dale was later arrested, but his name is not being releases. this happened in april, metro is just releasing information saying they didn't do it earlier, because the suspect was under arrest and was no longer a threat to the public. coming up next, and new at 5:00, a mother is sexually assaulted with her kids in the home. tonight the is to find the suspect before he strikes again. michael vick's road to redemption. how the nfl star is using his new image to keep people from making the same mistakes he did. the new push to have your health insurance cover
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if one medical group has its way, millions of women would not have to pay for birth control and it's not just pills. >> there are at least eight products and services that should be covered. >> reporter: at a time when some women are finding birth control too expensive for their budgets, a new recommendation could soon make it free.
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>> we have people having to make those very hard choices between paying for things that they know they definitely need and also not having the funds to cover other things they need, like access to contraception. >> that can often lead to unplanned pregnancies and women less likely to get prenatal care. >> we don't get a chance to detect the complications of pregnancy. >> after being asked by the government to weigh-in, the independent institute of medicine now recommends contraceptives be preventative services. they already require blood pressure checks. the iom was asked to say what else women need. screening for gestational diabetes, hpv and hiv and counselling on std's.
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some who take contraception -- >> there are different groups of people that have ethnic or moral objections to contraception. those people should not be mandated to pay for contraceptions for other people. >> reporter: the get department health and human services will make its final decision soon. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, washington. other services that would be covered include support for new mothers like free breast pumps. >> short of repealing part of the health care law, it's unclear what opponents can do to block these recommendations. as the temperature continues to rise this week, are you noticing a few more headaches coming on? you are not alone. these hazy days of summer are
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full of headache triggers. many related to the weather, from the heat to barometric pressure. and then there is the sun. >> glare, for example sends an uncomfortable signal back to the brain. and the brain responds with a migraine. >> doctors say to prevent migraines, get as much rest as possible, avoid caffeine and alcohol, and drink lots of water. you can also keep a headache diary to identify things that have triggered your pain. like maybe the heat later this week. >> i don't think our man doug is forecasting any headache relief, are you? >> no. it's going to be a little dangerous. we're talking about temperatures up around 100 degrees, with the heat index between 105 and 110. take precautions now to make sure you check on the elderly, make sure they have some place to go, bring those pets in over the next couple days, and never leave a child or pets in your
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cars. it can heat up so quickly out there. we're sitting at 96 degrees. this is going to be the cool day over the next five days. 96 with the dewpoint of 70, puts our heat index at 103. that's the way it feels outside right now, some areas are seeing a little relief in the form of thunderstorm activity. 82 in gaithersburg over toward baltimore and annapolis. all three locations have seen rain. some areas have seen some fairly heavy rain. heat index, 101 manassas. 105 in laplata. right now, annapolis at 89 degrees. we do have rain out there, just some shower activity, most of this has been into maryland. that's where most of this is going to remain. we'll zoom into a couple spots, this storm just to the north of frederick. does have a little bit of lightning. the strongest storm just to your north. as we move around to the south, south and west of rockville,
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making its way toward portions of southern montgomery county. that storm is making its way down there. this one does have some lightning around route 2 and route 4 moving in toward calvert county. watch out for that storm. it's continuing to move out toward the south and east. also around rose haven you'll see some of those storms too. as far as the heat index goes. take a look across the country. this is an extensive heat wave. 119 the current heat index in minneapolis, minnesota. 108 in omaha, 109 in st. louis. that's the heat that's going to continue to progress across the country. and really encompass about two thirds of the nation. we're going to see the hot and humid weather starting in here tomorrow into the day on thursday. and then friday and saturday it really gets here, that's what i think we'll see those tem tours break that century mark. as far as the temperatures tonight. 85 to 91 degrees. scattered storms, hot and humid under partly cloudy skies.
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tomorrow morning we'll see partly cloudy skies again. warm and humid, sunrise 5:59. temperatures 72 to 76 degrees. tomorrow afternoon, hot and humid. 91 to 96 again with the heat index between 100 and 105. it only gets warmer from there. talking about 99 on thursday, 101 on friday. 100 degrees on saturday. we have the excessive heat watch in effect for thursday. it will most likely be extended into friday and saturday. normally on fridays, we do our backyard weather. if you'd like us to come to your backyard e-mail us. but because of the heat and the dangerous heat we're going to cancel this week's forecast yet again. unfo unfortly. and we're cancelling on the same people we cancelled two weeks ago. >> nobody wants to see you with that flaming thing showing up at their house. >> third time's the charm? >> how can minneapolis feel hotter than dallas?
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>> it's the humidity. the dewpoints up there are off the chartses right now. very bad news for them. >> don't see that often. >> no. coming up next, casey anthony gps. so new clues about her top secret location and how she managed to get there, if she is indeed there. >> real or rumor. one city threatens to fine people for walking and texting. is that even possible? the food police are out on the beat again, ranking the most unhealthy meals in america. we'll find out which snack p
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you might get injured if you're texting while walking, at least in philadelphia you won't be fined. there were broadcasts this morning that police in philadelphia would be finding pedestrians $120 if they caught them walking and texting. but mayor michael nutter says that's just not true.
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it's not illegal, even though it can be dangerous. restaurant chains that dish out calorie-packed meals are the largest target of the food police these days. the center for science in the public interest has released its extreme eating honorees. some of the award winners include denny's, 260 calorie fried cheese melt. the prove lone stuffed meat balls from applebees, 1520. cheesecake factory farmhouse cheeseburger, 1530. and then cold stone tops the list. their creamy peanut butter and chocolate ice cream shake, a large one has more than 2,000 calories. 2010 to be exact. >> the people who are ordering those things are not really
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paying attention to the calorie count. >> were you surprised about this? >> come on. how about a surprise surplus? how the commonwealth of virginia ended up with an extra 300 million in the bank. >> nice. there's been a lot of debate over plans to bring metro to dulles, a compromise that could lower the cost and make people on both sides happy. fairfax county police are looking for a man who broke into a ground floor apartment and assaulted a mother while her
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a fast forward through the headlines, rupert murdoch's wife springs to her husband's defense at the british parliament hearing on that hacking scandal. wendy murdoch, you'll see she's in the pink jacket. and she leaps. she jumped up, did almost a beach volleyball move. slapping a spectator who tried to throw a cream pie in her husband's face. three children and two adults were injured after a tree limb fell on them. their frinjuries are not life
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threatening. one person killed after a deadly crash. this was a four vehicle crash and it's causing big traffic delays in that area this afternoon. now, let's fast forward to doug. how's the weather? >> weather's hot out there right now. 96 degrees with a heat index of 103 across portions of the area right now. it's going to continue to be a very hot and humid night, there are showers and thunderstorms around, that's helping to cool things down in some locations, moist of us still hot. excessive heat watch is now in effect for the day thursday. for the heat index to approach 105 to 110, that will most likely be the case on friday and saturday as well. i think this is going to be the longest and most intense heat wave we've seen in quite some time. >> thank you, doug. police are looking for a man who broke into a house and attacked a woman with her young children inside. >> this happened early saturday morning just off reporten road.
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it appears the man forced his way in while the family was sleeping. >> the damaged screen leading to the bedroom of this apartment is a chilling reminder of the attack that took place around 6:00 saturday morning when a masked man broke in. inside a mother and her three daughters, aged 2 to 9. >> the victim in this case was awoken by a man in her bedroom in the morning hours, that man sexually assaulted her and then fled her apartment. she did have children in her apartment as well, but they were not injured during the attack. >> when the suspect fled the apartment, he didn't have far to go to find cover. thick woods are located right behind the apartment. a neighbor called 911, and police arrived quickly with blood hounds but the suspect was not found. investigators have returned to the complex every day since, distributing these flyers to residents warning them what happened. word spread about the weapon carried by the suspect. >> this neighbor just two unit as way from where the assault
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occurred called 911 sunday night when she heard noises and discovered her screens had been damaged. one had been pushed in, another cut. >> it looks like somebody's actually -- for them to cut it out, that's -- and that's where my children sleep, so it's really scary. it's hard to sleep at night. a lot of neighbors are on edge. >> yet another first floor resident has called police to investigate her first floor window. she scared off a suspicious man the other night. now she keeps two baseball bats nearby. there was progress today in negotiations to lower the cost of the metro rail expansion to dulles airport. the board of supers agreed to accept a proposal backed by ray lahood. the station would be built above ground instead of below ground.
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it's one of the key issues in funding the next phase of the project. the airport's authority will take up the issue tomorrow they previously voted to build the station under ground even though it is a lot more expensive. a lot of states are facing unprecedented money problems, but virginia is bucking the trend. the state has a surplus of more than $300 million. the bulk of that money appears to have come from income taxes that exceeded expectations. this is the second year in a row that virginia finished the year with a surplus. the county council voted today to change what is known as effects bargaining, that requires managers to negotiate with the police union on decisions regarding equipment, scheduling and officer transfers. now the police chief is allowed to make those changes without input from the union.
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>> management has rights in the law. i'm the only agency director that has to bargain any time that i exercise a management right. >> we've had this law for 23 years, we're asking asked to justify why we shouldn't make a change, why they have yet to justify whether they should. >> issues like samurais, benefits, working conditions, they would not be impacted by this amendment. >> still to come. michael vick is on capitol hill, how the nfl star is using his name to try to put an end to dogfighting. i'm liz crenshaw, this week's sweltering heat has folks
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yes, it's hot out there. just wait until the end of this week when we're expecting triple digit temperatures and krafrpging up the air conditioner. it's going to get expensive.
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>> yes. liz crenshaw is here to tell us how to save energy and money on our sweltering days. >> reporter: how can we beat the heat without breaking the power grid. energy efficiency will have a greater impact if everybody scales back a bit. >> no matter how efficient your equipment is, if you're sending that cooled air right out the window, you're behind the eight ball, you're not winning. >> the average u.s. household will spend about $2200 on home energy this year. air conditioning, will account for about 17% of that. >> that's why ronnie queller with the alliance to save energy says it's important to find ways to give your ac a break. especially during days with oppressive heat. what about a space like this, what do we do? >> well, it's obviously new and modern and i'm sure the windows are energy efficient but we are facing south, so it would be
5:40 pm
really to the benefit of the homeowner and her electricity bill to close this off a bit. shade it during the day. >> when it comes to older homes, you want to make sure there are no leaks or cracks around the doors. caulking can cut your heating and cooling bills year round by 20%. simple chores like changing a filter will give your ac some breathing room. >> if the filter is dirty, the fan that moves the cooled air through your system, through the vents has to work overtime. >> if you have a ceiling fan, turn it on and raise your thermostat. you'll feel the cool air blowing without the ac krafrpging. >> they cool people not spaces, so we do recommend you turn them off when the room is unoccupied. >> best tip of all, get a programmable thermostat. >> so the temperature is higher when the house is empty. it will come back on to a lower
5:41 pm
temperature shortly before you come home. >> reporter: local utility companies are offering incent e incentives if customers enrole in programs that allow the utility to take controlling of your compressor during peak hours on hot days. >> not just to lower individual household's energy bills, but also because using less energy protects the integrity of the electricity grid. >> reporter: other ways to save energy around your home, swap out those incandescent bulbs with fluorescents. >> it uses only about a quarter of the energy of a comparable incandescent and lasts up to 10 times as long. >> if you're in the market for a new appliance, look for brands with the energy star label. it can save you up to 30%. >> we're talking about several hundred dollars over the course of the year that you can save. so it is real money.
5:42 pm
>> wait until the evening to use the high energy appliances like dishwashers, washingtoning machines, dryers. >> and it's amazing how much curtains. >> draw the blinds. keep the sun out. >> thanks, liz. after the break, stepping up security, who's trying to stop the violence after a rash of robberies on a popular trail. recent capital's acquisition ar
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michael vick is taking his message about dogfighting to capitol hill.
5:45 pm
the former virginia tech star is supporting a house bill that makes it a federal crime to afend organized animal fights. jane watrell has the story. >> capitol hill staffers packed a hearing room to hear nfl quarterback michael vick's anti-dogfighting message. vick told reporters he still feels the sting of his 2007 conviction. >> i deeply regret my previous involvement in dogfighting. i'm sorry for what i did to the animals. during my time in prison i told myself i wanted to be a part of the solution and not the problem. >> reporter: the football star appeared with the head of the humane society of the united states. and two congressional sponsors, including jim moran. introduced in congress today, hr-2492 would make it a federal crime to watch animal fights. it would also go after those who arrange the gambling. >> it's really about the money, the bets, the admission fees. if we can stop that, then we can stop a lot of this animal
5:46 pm
fighting, which is -- it's horrendous what they have animals do to each other. >> reporter: the hampton, virginia naturive served 18 months in prison for operating an illegal interstate dogfighting ring for five years. he said he became involved in dogfighting when he was a youngster and has since teamed up with the humane society to talk to children about steering clear of these gruesome events. >> protecting children from violence and those who traffic in the violence of these blood sports is a priority that knows no ideology. >> there's so much more you can be doing with your time, and so many animals that can be raised in better households and used as pets and having happy homes instead of being used for pointless activity. >> reporter: michael vick and the bill's sponsors say it will close a legal loophole that should lead to the elimination
5:47 pm
of the controversial sport for good. on capitol hill, jane wwatrell, news 4. after three years in prison and fines for bringing or allowing a minor to attend. the guardian angels are patrolling the trail after bikers and joggers were robbed there. the eight mile trail stretches from union station in d.c. out to silver spring. a man was robbed at gunpoint while riding his bike on the trail in northeast monday morning. there have been six similar incidents in the past couple months. the guardian angels plan to do more patrols on wednesday and thursday night. back to doug with one more check on our were weather forecast. >> starting to see the clouds move over parts of the washington area. those clouds coming from a thunderstorm just off to the west. out there right now, temperatures 96 with the heat index of 103. once again those numbers should continue to go up throughout the week this week.
5:48 pm
doppler radar showing the storms as they made their way through parts of the area. most of it's been in porgs of maryland with heavy rain in parts of the area. now a new storm is just now developed out toward resten, we'll zoom in along route 7, just to the west of tyson's corner, we'll continue to see that storm making its way toward the east along a boundary. that storm will be short lived. another storm with lightning associated with it. extreme southern portions of anne arundel county. northern portions of calvert county. just to the north and east of dunkirk. i'm forecasting for the heat index above 100 tomorrow. over the next couple days, even hotter, 99 on thursday, and over 100 friday and potentially saturday as well. >> thank you, doug. hakeem is here with sports. you have a story of a controversial player trying to
5:49 pm
fight his way on to the capital's roster. >> yes, we like controversy. >> the capitals finished up a furious free agent period over the weekend. summer can start for us now. in one of several moves the caps sent eric fair to winnipeg in exchange for a draft pick and a minor league player named picket. he wanted to meet the team right away. get noticed. he certainly levitan impression but one that's open to interpretati interpretation. packet is a player to keep your eye on. in thursday's scrimmage, his elbow rattled the jaw of adam mitchell. it ended mitchell's ice time for the week and left paquette make his presence known. >> if campbell was watching, may have been a dirty hit in the first period. but that's what he's got to be, is one of those guys that everybody loves to hate.
5:50 pm
he scores a goal, gets into -- hits a guy -- it's a clean hit in the third period, ends up getting into a fight. he did everything you expect him to do. >> it's a blindside, but it's a hit. pretty dirty player, so -- i did my job like matt cook. >> reporter: the matt cook comparison could divide cap's fans. in february, the penguins agitator had a knee-on-knee collision with alex ovechkin, it was not a suspendible offense, but it drew the ire of coach boudreau. >> it's matt cook. it's not like it's his first rodeo, he's done it to everybody, and then he goes to the ref and says, what did i do? he knows what he did. there's no doubt in my mind that he's good at it, and he knows how to do it, and pick this stuff. and we as a league, we still buy
5:51 pm
into it, it was an accidental thing. >> reporter: paquette fought again on saturday and had more open ice hits. risky. >> i don't know where you draw the line. what we wanted most was a really competitive atmosphere, that's what you find out what players are made of. it was -- who likes being out there under those kinds of circumstances and who doesn't. you learn a lot. >> i just go out the best i can, if i go too hard. well, it's never too hard for a coach, a coach like a hard player. i try to impress. >> i think there's a lot of guys that hate him, probably every game. but -- and it's a tough way to make i living. but that's what you have to do if you want to play. i was -- he's noticeable. every game he's noticeable. whether he does good or bad stuff, he's noticeable. that's what he needs to be
5:52 pm
doing. >> paquette is noticeable, he hopes to get a shot at starter this fall at rookie camp. matt cook was suspended for a hit at the regular season and missed all of the playoffs for pittsburgh. >> he's a tough room. >> yeah. i'm all for enforcers, but when you do stuff that's silly and not right, when you're not playing the game right in late hits, there's no place for it in the game. >> it's a tricky position for the team management. >> it's a very tricky position. because you want a guy to be tough and rough and be able to get under people's skin. but there's a line you cross, and matt cook has obviously crossed that line, especially against the capitals and getting suspended here for the playoffs this past season. >> you want one of those guys on your team. >> that's why they pay the big
5:53 pm
bucks. >> thanks hakeem. here's what we're working on at 6:00. >> we have a lot to tell you about coming up in a few minutes. new developments this evening on the british phone hacking scandal. there have now been arrests in three states in our country in connection with the ongoing probe. presidential hopeful michele bachmann is going on the record now about a medical condition that has sent her to the hospital in the past. and the alien snake fish has found its way back to maryland waters, just in time for supper time.
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casey anthony has not been seen in public since she was released in florida from prison over the weekend. there's new information to suggest she may have flown to southern california on a private jet. >> where is the first place you would go search. >> once a member of casey anthony's legal team who gave her $70,000 before leaving the case last year. >> there's substantial evidence that proves her innocence. >> reporter: a plane that enables us to travel anywhere within the united states in serven hours. the day before casey was released from jail, his plane was on the ground in orlando according to a website which tracks commercial and private aircrafts. pilots are not required to file flight plans for every trip. the next time the plane showed
5:58 pm
up was in panama city, california. after changing its planned destination twice, the plane headed to prescott, arizona, almost 15 hours later, the plane stopped in northern california. and then landed at the john wayne airport here in southern california. he declined to comment to nbc news and casey's legal team will not say if she was on board or if she's now in california. >> there might be somebody, if they want to spend enough money, effort and energy trying to find her, it won't do them any good they won't be able to get to her, they won't be able to talk to her. and when they blink, she'll be gone. >> reporter: she left jail with $500. there's talk of a possible pay-per-view television interview. she's been hit with an irs tax lien and four different lawsuits. >> that's it for news 4 at 5:00.
5:59 pm
news 4t 00 starts right now. a bible school's summer camp picnic ens with a trip to the hospital for a group of children. >> a new scandal has emerged for vincent gray. this time it involves raises tens of thousands of dollars in illegal campaign crash. >> storms are brewing and there's no relief inside for this heat. >> first tonight, rupert murdoch has refused to take personal blame for the phone hacking scandal that's rocked his media empire. >> jim vance has the night off tonight. it's a story that's gripped the world. tonight it's the action of a wife that people are talking about, as british lawmakers questioned rupert murdoch today. a protester tried to attack him with a


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